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Lil Lippies, Big Bold Color


Wet N Wild has released a new set of Matte Lippies that are causing a big stir! These matte lipsticks are highly pigmented, buildable and literally literally last all day. I am absolutely nuts over these. I purchased this hot pink shade along with a more neutral shade they call Nudie Patootie. These fab finds are on sale now at Walgreesns and are available 3/$10. You can’t beat it. Best lippies ever at a great price!



Pom Poms for my Palms


Last weekend I took a stroll through the Mall and visited one of my favorite stores, Forever 21! I was greeted by several signs that said you could take an extra 50% of clearance merchandise. I just knew this was going to be my kinda party. Before long my arms were loaded with deals and my heart was full of excitement. The plus section gives me life! And so does the area filled with accessories! That’s were I found these fingerless mittens with these gorgeous Poms Poms atta he’d to them. They had blue and red as option but something about the navy blue ones screamed luxury, so I had to have them! The red ones did not have the same affect on me. When I checked the price… The mittens had been reduced to $1.99. I was thrilled! Especially because of the fact that after the additional markdown we were looking at a dollar plus tax! I thought it was too good to be true! But it wasn’t! And I strutted home with these beauties that night! Go check out these mittens, they adorable! Thank me later!




A Better Way to Beautiful

shea-moistureGRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV)- Winter gray skies got you down? Clear up your skin and get your GLOW on with Shea Moisture bath and beauty products.

So I have actually been a fan of Shea Moisture for quite some time. But as of late they have been unveiling new products that have just been blowing my mind.

Cosmetic line must-have

It all started when the released a cosmetic line…Yes…You heard me… a cosmetic line! I was able to explore and experience everything from fabulous foundation to ultra-luxurious lip gloss. This was exciting because all Shea Moisture products really are best described as “natural, organic, sustainably-produced, goodness”. Their products are free of just about everything but still give you great color and wear well for the woman on the go. The prices are reasonable and the line is pretty extensive, so chances are you’ll find exactly what you need that is a healthier option for your skin.

Lip Gloss I love

The Shea Butter Ultra Shine Lip Gloss is my personal favorite because you can layer it on for a hot date or social hour with colleagues and it will add a pop of color to your face. Especially if you’re an eyes, cheeks and lips only kind of girl. I love the bold yet electric fuchsia shade they offer called Jenny. This lip gloss shade screams “hello” before you do; that’s always a win!

But wait… there’s more… if the weathers giving your skin the blues don’t dismay.

Cleansing products to try

A few month back, Shea Moisture in all their glory released a line of face wipes! Insert “hands raised in worship” emoji here… They are amazing! As a make-up artist and lover of beauty products, there is nothing like an amazing face wipe to remove dirt, oil and makeup from your skin at the beginning or the end of the day. I am head over heels for the African Black Soap Clarifying Facial wipes. I use these at night to wipe away the stress of the day and give my skin a much needed face lift. I adore these wipes because African Black Soap and Tea Tree Oil help to balance oily skin for a clearer appearance and the Calendula Oil helps to calm and soothe skin. So just before I hit the sack, my “skin feels balanced, refreshed and soothed”. The Raw Shea Butter Hydrating Facial Wipes with Frankincense & Myrrh are equally fabulous. They smell extraordinary and will leave your face feeling supple and soft to the touch unlike any product I have ever experienced! And better yet, they retail for only $5.99. BEST PURCHASE EVER!

I cannot wait to try Manuka Honey & Maura Oil Intensive Hydration Body Scrub. I am certain it’ll be like witnessing a magic trick at home in the shower. It is important to stay hydrated this season and take good care of yourself ladies. Drink plenty of H20 and invest in good bath and beauty products without all the extra gunk in it. You deserve the very best!

Shea Moisture products can be purchased at several national stores like Target and Ulta Beauty Supply. Because I am quite the product junkie, I get excited just mentioning those two names.

Find your way to beautiful down your local shopping aisle today. Shea Moisture has been leading the way since 1912!



There’s an incredible sale on accessories happening now at H&M stores! Their clearance racks almost never disappoint. I found 3 pairs of earrings and a gorgeous cuff for less than $7 total. I’m a firm believer that you can never have to many pairs of earrings because it’s so easy to loose them or forget to wear them. With such fab ear candy only costing a dollar, there’s no reason the diva on the dime couldn’t stash a pair of these in her purse or car in case of an emergency. The next time your standing in line at H&M, glance over at the clearance rack for amazing finds. You never know what cool, new accessories await you there!





LIFE WTR. Purchased for its Electrolytes but mostly for its way cool art work on the packaging. I love these! On sale now 2 for $3 at Walgreens. Super cute for lunch at home or a dinner guest… Would add depth and creativity to your place setting or tablescape. #igotface #H20 #drinkup #healthiswealth #blogger #lipscombluxe #drinkwell #mymalamazinglife

Us Is Them at UICA



This past week I attended the Opening Reception for Us Is Them: Art from
The Pizzuti Collection and Here + Now. Guests enjoyed food from Reserve Wine Bar, heard remarks from UICA’s Exhibitions Curator and learned about the works on view from docents stationed in the galleries. The evening was well attended and the general public combined with a handful of esteemed guests from out of town were able to peruse 4 floors of extraordinary ART.

I invited a few of my favorite girlfriends to join in the fun. The Exhibit will run now through The end of May. It’s an exceptional depiction of contemporary art that highlights our human commonalities more than our racial or ethnic differences. This exhibit was carefully selected with you in mind!

For more information, please visit UICA online for more information.

Photo Credit: Michelle Smith for True Light Images



Living for these @lacolorscosmetics High Shine Lip Glosses! They are on sale now at Family Dollar for only $2! They have a wide array of colors and are highly pigmented. My lips are in love with this product! #igotface #LipsCombLuxe #lipstickjunkie #luxeforthelow #feature #blogger #digitalinfluencer #mua #ootd


Luxe on the LOW


LUXE ALERT – I found several awesome sauce items at Dollar Tree yesterday I can’t wait to try! The candle holders are beautiful and will add flair to any room or table scape. The KISS nail decals will give me a chance to live out my inner nail tech creativity without paying the manicure price. The thought of coco butter in face wipes is appealing. And I make a mean Strawberry Shortcake with Bisquick, so to try it with this new Honey Butter Biscuit recipe makes me tingle inside! 😁 All of this for $7! Get into it! #igotface #lipscombluxe #blogger #digitalinuencer #bargains #deals #shopsmart #luxeonthelow

Thrift Store Clothing

imageNothing makes me happier than when I score a complete outfit from the Thrift Store. It’s like hitting a home run because you can cover all your basis and score big while paying very little. I found this Faux Snakeskin shirt at the Salvation Army for pennies some time ago and I knew just how I would wear it. I was going to put it with two other pieces I discovered at Goodwill a week earlier. I love how it all turned out.

When you shopping thrift store clothing, the best piece of advice I can give you is to keep an open mind and shop with heart. Usually if it’s a great piece, you can just feel it in your soul. It’s always love at first sight even if you’re unsure of when or how you may wear the garment! Trust your gut. After all, given thrift store prices you really don’t have much to loose.

Check out my latest thrift store outfit in the images below include a Sky Blue Suede coat that was on $4.99!

Photo Credit: Michelle Smith for True Light Images

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