Another major score while thrifting… This gorgeous blue Aparka coat haunted me while I went up and down the aisle at a local thrift spot. I almost didn’t grab it because the tag inside read: Size P which is French for “girl it’s too small”! But it was a steal so I grabbed the coat knowing that even if I couldn’t fit it ultimately, I have a ton of fashionista friends who could!!!

I had this lovely lavender City Chic dress hanging in the back of the closet that I felt would be perfect with it. Lately I have been obsessed with mixing colors, textures and patterns, so I figured that even though I was doing my own thing… It would all come together nicely… And I think it did.

I found the vintage clutch while thrifting… it was $0.49 cents and the earrings are from H&M and were marked down to $1.99.

You could wear this almost ensemble almost anywhere from a dinner date to an awards ceremony. It’s comfortable but super classy!

Keep your eyes peeled for the next East Meets West Popup Thrift Shop. This coat will be for sale. I just had to wear it at least once though!