So I tend to really enjoy mixing colors, textures and patterns. I think that’s a true sign that a woman knows something about fashion when she is unafraid to take risks with her style. Because fashion is so unique to the individual it fades but your personal style really is eternal.

I paired a bright yellow light top from City Chic with a patterned skirt for $3.99 from Burlington. I swear that store always has something cute for a really great price. Then I grabbed a pair of Fall leather boots from Lane Bryant to rock with this wicked genuine leather basket weave purse I found thrifting for $0.50! This bag is so amazing and will never go out of style. Plus I just have a thing for black and white, sold you know I grabbed it to add to my collection.

Next time your looking for something cute to throw on when you’re stepping out, try pairing garments from totally different families. The matchy matchy thing is so outdated. Grab something old, something new and then take a walk on the wild side.

Ciao Bellas,


Photo Credit: Michelle Smith for True Light Images