imageNothing makes me happier than when I score a complete outfit from the Thrift Store. It’s like hitting a home run because you can cover all your basis and score big while paying very little. I found this Faux Snakeskin shirt at the Salvation Army for pennies some time ago and I knew just how I would wear it. I was going to put it with two other pieces I discovered at Goodwill a week earlier. I love how it all turned out.

When you shopping thrift store clothing, the best piece of advice I can give you is to keep an open mind and shop with heart. Usually if it’s a great piece, you can just feel it in your soul. It’s always love at first sight even if you’re unsure of when or how you may wear the garment! Trust your gut. After all, given thrift store prices you really don’t have much to loose.

Check out my latest thrift store outfit in the images below include a Sky Blue Suede coat that was on $4.99!

Photo Credit: Michelle Smith for True Light Images