imageSo normally you wouldn’t ever catch me in a place that has the words “Food Outlet” on the sign. Primarily because I pride myself in being a local epicurean who prefers to eat most things fresh, so items with a past expiration date totally freak me out! BUT after seeing several people post on social media about the amazing bargains they were finding and after a few conversations about grocery shopping every few days to stop wasting food by shopping bi-weekly or monthly even… Today, I decided to stroll in!

I was floored at the bargains and the selection! As a diva on a dime that likes the best money can buy for pennies… I was in seventh heaven! So much so that I totally forgot to grab more photos of offers like Nabisco Chocalate Covered Marshmellow Cookies for $0.99 cents!

Now it is true, you may have to pick through some of it if you are as on top of “dates” as I am but the store was clean, the staff was friendly and at least 70% of the items had a future expiration date.

For the woman who plans out her cooking menu a few days at a time, this place is perfect. And the prices simply can’t be beat! I scored a box of Hebrew National Pigs in a Blanket for my little guy for $1.99.  Hebrew National!!!

I got Skinny Girl Lunch Meat for $0.79 cents… How’s that for a New Years Resolution!!!

This place rocks! I visited the Daily Deals  store off of Alpine but there is another location off of 54th Street and Division in GrandcRapids, MI. You just gotta try this place out. If you’re anything like me and can appreciate brand names on a beer budget… You’ll feel like a kid in a candy store!

Go Shop Now. The deals here today can easily be gone tomorrow.

Ciao Bellas!