Dress: City Chic Online

Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you can’t go bold! By wrapping yourself up in a variety of different colors, textures and patterns you can be the talk of the town, even when old man Winter makes you feel like toning everything down.

A staple for me has always been a nice wool or warm and fuzzy Wrap Coat. This one was purchased for only $4.99 while my beloved sister was Thrifting. Isn’t it great to have stylish Thrifty Broads on your team?!

I took a chance and decided to pair it with this floral multi-colored dress I grabbed from City Chic online and a pair of JMS tights. I am a huge fan of the tights created by Just My Size because they start at a 1x and go up to a 4x, so they wear well and I’m not constantly tugging at my tights throughout the day.

I think it’s important to look good even when you have to wear a heavy coat combined with a hat and scarf just to keep warm. You can still keep it cool at the same time if your wrapping g your body in the right garments! After all, once you’re inside, you’ll be undressing anyway… so you might as well look just as good with the coat on as you do with it off.

For more fabulous dresses and other nice pieces to boost your Winter wardrobe, visit

And don’t forget… The next time you’re at the Thrift store, check the section of coats for a vintage wrap style to add a lil extra flare to your look!

Photographer Credit: Michelle Smith for True Light Images