So recently, my girls and I took some time out for ourselves to enjoy a happy hour and an exhibit at the Grand Rapids Art Museum. We dined at Social Kitchen & Bar which is totally like one of my new favorite spots in the city for tasty and affordable treats. I had two drinks, Vanilla Bacon and Shrimp N Grits for less than $25 bucks! Yeah… I know…I was hungry! And I was childless so I wanted a little nip but… without the spirits my bill would have totally been like twelve dollars! SOCIAL, which is located inside the Downtown Market, is extraordinary. Make sure you experience it ASAP.

But now…for the matter at hand… The Transforming Fashion exhibit at the GRAM… OMG! It was nothing short of amazing! First of all, we went on a Thursday night which means the cost was ZERO! Yes… every Thursday from 5-9 patrons can peruse the museum at no cost.

Total Score!

Plus… Michigan is one of only SIX states selected in North America to get the exhibit and the funders brought it to Grand Rapids… Not the East side of the state! I mean…this is just something like a phenomenon! The exquisite designs on display were exceptional which were fashions from the runway and including a few pieces you may have seen on celebrities like Lady GaGa and BeyoncĂ©!

Iris Van Herpen pays amazing attention to detail and constructs her pieces so meticulously that they will never go out of style…they are timeless pieces that transcend fashion standards effortlessly. The exhibit will be available for viewing thru January 2017. You gotta go see it and be sure to check it out on a Thursday so you can indulge for the “FREE99″… It’s the LUXE way.

Tell Iris…Lips.Comb.Luxe sent you!

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