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Sneak peek behind the scenes look at a few photos as we prepare for the the Lips.Comb.Luxe Launch and CATO Store Sip & Shop! These are a few of my FAVORITE CATO budget buys…

Statement Necklace: $1.99

Coral Colored Swing Dress: $11.99

Photo Credit: Michelle Smith for True Light Images


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Something Borrowed. Something BLUE.

Another major score while thrifting… This gorgeous blue Aparka coat haunted me while I went up and down the aisle at a local thrift spot. I almost didn’t grab it because the tag inside read: Size P which is French for “girl it’s too small”! But it was a steal so I grabbed the coat knowing that even if I couldn’t fit it ultimately, I have a ton of fashionista friends who could!!!

I had this lovely lavender City Chic dress hanging in the back of the closet that I felt would be perfect with it. Lately I have been obsessed with mixing colors, textures and patterns, so I figured that even though I was doing my own thing… It would all come together nicely… And I think it did.

I found the vintage clutch while thrifting… it was $0.49 cents and the earrings are from H&M and were marked down to $1.99.

You could wear this almost ensemble almost anywhere from a dinner date to an awards ceremony. It’s comfortable but super classy!

Keep your eyes peeled for the next East Meets West Popup Thrift Shop. This coat will be for sale. I just had to wear it at least once though!


Here + Now Panel Discussion TOMORROW



Panel Talk: Abandoned Margins: Policing the Black Female Body
Featuring Partners for a Racism-Free Community
March 17, 2017
6-8 pm
Free for UICA Members; Free with Admission

Join us for a discussion led by a panel of community organizers, scholars, and artists as we investigate depictions of the black female body in art and in United States’ popular culture. The panel will recognize ways that traditional representations of black women aid in systemic racism and marginalization, and will consider methods for using visual language to challenge stereotypes instead of perpetuate them.

Panelists Include:
Janice Bond, Curator, Artist, and Communications Strategist
Regis M. Fox, Ph. D, Assistant Professor, Grand Valley State University
Jessica Marie Johnson, Ph. D, Curator of African Diaspora, Ph.D., and Assistant Professor, Johns Hopkins University

Breannah Alexander, Director of Strategic Programs, Partners for a Racism-Free Community




Hat Day.



So I purchased an ultra fab Metallic Newsboy Cap at a Goodwill in Lansing for $0.49 a few weeks back. I wasn’t quite sure what I was going to do with it, I just knew it was a funky statement piece I had to have.

Turns out I didn’t do anything deep and spiritual with it yet, I just threw it on with a similar statement necklace, some super old but super cute Leggings and a black suede trench from City Chic. And just like that I had instant inner city glam.


The leggings I purchased were from Burlington in a 3x and costs only $4.99… I wear them way too much but leggings have replaced the comfort of blue jeans forever! I’m addicted. And at that price which is like four times less than some other popular leggings with similar designs… You simply can’t beat it!!!

Here are a few images of me and the fun I had on Hat Day. Keep your eyes wide open ladies! You never know what fashion goodies await you inside the Thrift store.

Photos: Michelle Smith for True Light Images


Beauty Expert Joins WOTV4 Women Crew


GRAND RAPIDS, Mich (WOOD) -Latesha Lipscomb is the WOTV 4 Women Crew focused on beauty! As the beauty expert, Latesha specializes in helping you put your best face forward. She will be sharing her best beauty tips to help you bring your own unique beauty from the inside….out! Check out the video above to meet Latesha.

Latesha is the manager and creative genius behind “I Got Face Cosmetic Concierge”, a full service beauty provider, based in downtown Grand Rapids, where her and her team of professionals help women look and feel their best.

Not only is she a beauty guru but she is also involved in many local non-profit charity organizations within her community such as Dispute Resolution Center of West Michigan, Downtown Grand Rapids Inc. Alliance for Vibrancy, Women’s resource Center and the Seeds of Promise Entrepreneurial Impact Team. Latesha is a strong believer in giving back and loves helping out in any way she can. Often times you’ll find her posts ending with the hashtag: #bethechange on social media.


About FACE! Rocket Science Skin Care


GRAPIDS, Mich (WOTV) – OMG! I have literally never in my life experienced a feeling like this. I am in LOVE with KPS Essentials and their astounding line of skin care products. Two amazing Rocket SUncientists, Ron and Natalie, launched a line of products in hopes of “transforming skin care forever” and I think they may have done just that.kps cosmetics

I started out as a Cosmetic Contingent in Filenes Basement in Boston back in the late 90’s. I know, I’m dating myself… side eye. But… It was my job as the departmental contingent to cover all of the varying cosmetic lines whenever an employee was sick or absent. So very early on in my career I was exposed to brands LIKE Mario Badescu, Clarins, Estee Lauder, Clinique and other amazing brands that have really good skincare collections from product lines. But KPS Essentials has got to be one of my absolute favorites of all time! They “source only organic, food-grade ingredients and harness botanical science technology to develop the world’s most effective skincare”. Seriously, I don’t think my skin has ever been truly, deeply CLEAN and NOURISHED until now.
So let me break it down and tell you a little bit about why I am so head over heels for KPS. They sent me several products which are all fantastic but there are a few that are extraordinary that you ladies MUST know about.

First, the Aromatherapy Cleansing Oil is simply phenomenal, there are no other words for this product, seriously! It is a “3-in-1 cleanser that removes dirt, excess oil, make-up and other pore clogging impurities”. I died dreaming when using this product because in order to use it effectively, you need to rub it on your face with your hands. The warmth from my palms, the aroma of the essential oils and the facial massage I essentially give myself when using, provide some much needed relaxation moments after a long work day. Not only does it “nourish and hydrate” the skin but it really, really, really cleans. The Aromatherapy cleansing Oil is addicting, if you don’t usually try new things because you have a cleanser you’ve been using for years…throw it out and buy this one. It will literally change the way you think about clean!

kps cosmetics

I was also a very big fan of the Probiotic Toner which “revives dull skin”. The aroma of the Lemongrass and witch hazel triggered something in my brain that told me I was giving my skin the very best that money could buy. It literally smells like its working well. “Your skin will feel fresh & smooth with a healthy, revitalized glow” everyone will notice.

While I could go on and on for paragraphs about KPS Essentials, unfortunately every good blog post must come to an end. So the last product I’d like to mention is the Vitamin C Lip Treatment. It is a “luxuriously moisturizing butter that softens and plumps parched lips”. I love love love to layer it on after I have completed my entire skincare regimen. I really like it because its perfection in a pot! It’s not to oily, it’s not to shiny, it’s just right. And given the quirky Michigan weather, it’s nice to have a lip product with Vitamin C to “restore collagen and add volume for a more defined lip line” that is soft and beautiful all year round! It also “contains potent antioxidants and anti-inflammatory essential oils” which work in tandem with the natural oils in your lips for the ultimate sensation for hours at a time.
I am also crazy about the Renu Face Cream, I feel like I can’t sleep (rest) without it at this point. It smells so good! I know, I know…somebody stop me please lol!

The moral of the story is KPS Essentials is reasonably priced and is hands down one of the BEST investments you will ever make for your skin! Ladies, you MUST purchase from them, it’s not rocket science. Well yes it is… but that the best part about KPS!

Underneath It All

Barely There. @citychiconline was running an amazing SALE on Lingerie for curvy girls so I had to oblige. Go visit the site and click the clearance and the last chance link for some amazing deals on the goodies you wear underneath it all. Definitely “a luxe for the low” experience! 👌 #igotface #blogger #digitalinfluencer #fullfiguredfashion #citychiconline #instafashion #ccworldofcurves #ootd #instagood #plussizemodel #plussizefashion #curvydolls #bebold #effyourbeautystandards #fullfiguredfierce #thisbody



LUXE ALERT – Moscow Mule Kettle Chips for $1 at Dollar Tree in Wyoming. I snuck a few into my belly because I’m a horrible person. 😩😖 But they were worth it!!! Absolutely delish for my foodie friends that enjoy a tasty Moscow Mule from time to time! Go get some now, they are amazing! #igotface #blogger #digitalinfluencer #lipscombluxe #luxeonthelow #foodie #dealsandsteals

Something Old, Something New


So I tend to really enjoy mixing colors, textures and patterns. I think that’s a true sign that a woman knows something about fashion when she is unafraid to take risks with her style. Because fashion is so unique to the individual it fades but your personal style really is eternal.

I paired a bright yellow light top from City Chic with a patterned skirt for $3.99 from Burlington. I swear that store always has something cute for a really great price. Then I grabbed a pair of Fall leather boots from Lane Bryant to rock with this wicked genuine leather basket weave purse I found thrifting for $0.50! This bag is so amazing and will never go out of style. Plus I just have a thing for black and white, sold you know I grabbed it to add to my collection.

Next time your looking for something cute to throw on when you’re stepping out, try pairing garments from totally different families. The matchy matchy thing is so outdated. Grab something old, something new and then take a walk on the wild side.

Ciao Bellas,


Photo Credit: Michelle Smith for True Light Images


Black Power

imageVery few colors change my mood when I wear them… But there is something about the color BLACK that just makes me feel unstoppable. Sure, we all know how important it is to have a little black dress stashed in the back of your closet for a cocktail party but I like to wear it for no reason at all other than it makes me feel powerful.

Recently, I found this incredible City Chic cut out patterned black dress that I feel is multidimensional. I appreciated this dress because it wasn’t a looker at first glance but I knew I had to have it because it was so unique. This dress was a statement piece in its own right. You can dress it up or down, wear it to work or the symphony and still turn heads.

I paired it with a pair of peep toes from Lane Bryant that have a similar cut out pattern but I could also see this dress with a pair of 6 inch patent leather stilettos for the fashionista who wants to take this dress in a different direction.

The dress comfortable, functional and will likely never go out of style. Plus it’s black which means it can go with just about anything! Black looks good on almost any skin tone and is very forgiving if you have a few extra love handles you wish to conceal.

You should definitely consider adding more black to your wardrobe if you don’t have very much to date, you will look and feel like the power woman you were destined to be.

Check out for this dress and other ultra fab options in black.



Photo Credit – Michelle Smith for True Light Images

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